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Time and time again we are asked by business owners or brand managers if they are doing something blatantly wrong that is causing them to gain followers or attention at such a slow pace, or worst yet, losing followers and attention. 

We have compiled a list of 8 of the TOP industry Do's and Don'ts when it comes to optimizing your time and presence on Instagram.


1. DO Take Relevant Photos 

It is astonishing at the amount of businesses and page managers who treat their business page like a personal photo dump. You are trying to create an impenetrable realm of "cool" and "trustworthy" for your brand and product - so posting pictures of anything irrelevant to that realm is damaging and creating an unnecessary interruption to the potential user. 

2. DON'T Post The Same Image Twice. 

No matter how pretty of a picture you think it is - it only has one life. It looks cheesy, lazy, and unprofessional to post a picture multiple times. If anything, you can sacrifice the original picture - delete it - and then repost it to the top. But give this a month since the original picture was posted. 

3. DO think carefully before posting 

Many people will take a picture quick while walking, write some quick text, and post away. Don't forget - these pictures will last LONG after you shut off your phone - so make sure they represent you and your brand professionally, elegantly, and strategically. 

4. DON'T over use the filters

Having a picture look nice and exotic or with a little filter is fine - but do not alter the picture TOO much. It will give your photo AND business a look of cheap and fast - not slow and elegant. No body truly wants cheap and fast unless it is fast food - and even that is going out of favor!

5. DO connect your URL 

Many people will TELL people to visit their website, blog, or product but never give them the means to do so. Simply input your destination URL with every post that is relevant, and your potential for a new customer has increased 10X. 

6. DON'T Comment on peoples posts without thinking & being sincere

How would you like if someone came up to you and asked you bluntly - I want your phone number. You would would be repulsed and turn away - and not just that, you would have a SOUR taste in your mouth about that person. Well commenting on somebody's posts and asking them to follow you, and other rude/lazy comments along that line will not only get ignored, they may get reported as SPAM and you will have definitely lost a potential customer. 

7. DO respond to real comments on your posts

There is nothing more exciting than having a user of a post you like personally respond to your acknowledgment of a good photo or business. If someone tells you they love your product, or want to know where they can buy it - TELL THEM! But be sweet, quick, and to the point - DO NOT write a 3 paragraph response - 2 sentence max.

8. DON'T Get "Follower Envy"

A great deal of business will get what is known as "Follower Envy". This is when they see competing companies in the same industry with hundreds if not thousands more followers than them. Instagram is a tough cookie to crack and needs hundreds of hours of strategic sifting, interacting, and follow up to truly optimize your consumer interaction. Some businesses may have just started - but with persistence and strategy the numbers will start to tip in your favor. 

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